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HMRC Genuine Contacts

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Henry Reeves & Co is concerned over HMRC new ways of ‘improving’ communication with customers as they (HMRC) may occasionally contact you via text message and email. Text Messages

Clients who have not yet filed their 2010-11 self assessment tax returns may now receive a text message from HMRC as a further reminder to file this return Penalties for late filing and late payment of any tax will also see clients now receiving text message notifications of these penalties Employer Email Alerts HMRC will send informational emails to all employers who have registered to receive emails. Some of the emails will contain links which will direct clients to HMRC website only. Please remember that HMRC will never send notifications of tax rebates or ask anyone to disclose personal or payment information via Text Message or Email Alerts. We have experienced in recent years clients receiving fraudulent emails regarding tax rebates requesting for repayment details in the form of bank account or credit card details. We advise that you never respond to these requests. Henry Reeves & Co do not believe HMRC have considered this decision with our clients best interests and will taking this matter up directly with HMRC. If any client is concerned over any text message or email received from HMRC, please contact us.

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