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High Income Child Benefit Changes

We are aware that HMRC are writing to taxpayers who appear to have received child benefit and earned more than £50,000 in 2012/13 but who did not pay the charge via their self assessment tax returns. From the cases that we have seen, the tax payer's spouse or partner earned the greater amount and had reported and paid the charge correctly. This would appear to suggest that HMRC had not in the first instance cross-checked the records of the taxpayer's spouse or partner.

If the above is the case, this is clearly not right and HMRC should not be sending out worrying letters without cross-checking to their records first. From the outset, we have been concerned that implementing the policy of restricting child benefit for higher earners in this way would cause problems. In essence, HMRC are collecting tax from one person on account of a benefit which may have been paid to their spouse or partner. If you have any questions regarding High Income Child Benefit Charges, please call your local branch of Henry Reeves & Co on: Maidstone: 01622 756849 or email

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